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Orthodontic treatment options available for adults at our dental office

If you have an imperfect smile with misaligned or gapped teeth, you may have considered the benefits of adult dental braces. However, many adults are turned off by the idea of addressing misalignment with traditional metal orthodontia. Instead, our team at Wahlen Dentistry may suggest to Perry, Utah, area patients the benefits of solutions such as our SureSmile aligner treatment, which can achieve the same results with clear, discreet aligners instead of metal brackets and wires.

What is SureSmile?

Drs. Jennifer Wahlen and John Torghele of Wahlen Dentistry describe the SureSmile treatment as a way of realigning the teeth with clear aligners. These aligners push teeth into their proper positions with changes every two weeks, allowing for gradual realignment in a more discreet manner. With SureSmile aligners, patients can feel confident in their smile even when undergoing treatment and achieve desired results without unsightly metal brackets and wires covering their teeth. 

Additionally, most patients with mild to moderate misalignment will find that they achieve the results they want faster with SureSmile than traditional braces, making it the “clear” alternative!

What are the benefits of SureSmile teeth straightening?

The SureSmile treatment is designed to provide many advantages to the patients who consider it. SureSmile treatment:

  • Is comfortable
  • Is easy to use
  • Makes it easy to clean trays
  • Improves oral health
  • Reduces the risk of cavities or periodontal disease
  • Can be used by teenagers or adults
  • Achieves results without unsightly appliances

Who is a good candidate for SureSmile aligners?

We invite patients with mild to moderate misalignment of the smile to ask about SureSmile and undergo an initial consultation and evaluation to find out if they are appropriate candidates.

Ready to learn more about SureSmile aligners as an orthodontic treatment option?

If you are considering your options for braces and are interested in a discreet solution that provides the same results as metal braces, we welcome you to call our office at (435) 246-4602 to request an appointment.

We are conveniently located at 2480 South Highway 89 #A and are open to new and returning patients and families in the Perry, Utah, community and beyond.

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