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How are dental sealants used to protect the smile?

You will enjoy a complete evaluation and cleaning when you visit the dentist every six months. During this time, the dental team at Wahlen Dentistry in Perry, Utah, may talk to you about preventative steps you can take to keep your smile healthy. For many children and adults, this may include the placement of a dental sealant onto the surfaces of the teeth near the back of the smile. Let’s look at the purpose of dental sealants in preventing cavities and assisting patients in maintaining their oral health and wellness over time.

What are dental sealants?

Drs. Jennifer Whalen and John Torghele describe dental sealants as a preventive dental treatment that protects the teeth from developing unwanted, harmful cavities. It is a thin, plastic coating that is applied by our experienced dental team to the chewing surfaces of back teeth, including the premolars and molars, to function as a barrier against plaque and bacteria.

Why are dental sealants necessary?

The chewing surfaces of back teeth typically have deep grooves and pits. These areas make it easy for food particles and bacteria to thrive. Even when being vigilant in brushing and flossing the teeth, these areas can be more difficult to clean, especially in children. This is when our team may recommend teeth sealants for adults and children. Additionally, patients with sensitive teeth may find that placing a sealant will reduce the discomfort they feel when enjoying hot or cold beverages.

What can I expect with my cavity sealant treatment?

Applying dental sealants takes a minute or two and can be done during routine dental visits or a separate appointment at our facility.

How do I learn more about cavity sealants?

If you are located in or around Perry, Utah, and want to speak to our team about the benefits of working with an experienced team of dental professionals in placing dental sealants, we invite you to call Wahlen Dentistry today!

The office is located at 2480 South Highway 89 #A and can be reached by phone to request an appointment at (435) 246-4602.

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