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What are the differences between simple and surgical tooth extractions?

Dr. Jennifer Wahlen and her dedicated team at Wahlen Dentistry of Perry, Utah, work regularly with patients in and around the area facing tooth extraction needs. Working with a dentist to have teeth removed is sometimes necessary, and our team is here to help you every step of the way. However, patients scheduling appointments for dental extractions may have questions about their upcoming visit. Dr. Jennifer Wahlen can take the guesswork out of your next procedure and answer questions during your initial consultation.

What are the different types of dental extractions?

Dental extractions can be simple or surgical, and the type chosen for your smile will vary depending on the exact location and accessibility of the tooth being removed.

  • Simple tooth extractions. When a tooth can be easily accessed and removed with forceps, a simple tooth extraction is performed. This type of extraction is usually done for intact teeth that have fully emerged from the gum line and require minimal manipulation
  • Surgical tooth extractions. Surgical tooth extraction is needed when a tooth is impacted, broken at or below the gum line, or has not yet erupted. This procedure requires a cut or incision in the gum and sometimes requires removing small pieces of bone or cutting the tooth into smaller segments to ease extraction

Are dental extractions safe?

Our experienced team of dental professionals has extensive training in assisting patients with teeth removal during extraction procedures and does everything possible to ensure safety while in the dentist’s chair. Afterward, patients need to be vigilant about following the aftercare instructions provided by our office to reduce the potential risk of complications, such as infection.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Wahlen and her team to discuss safe tooth extraction!

Perry, Utah, area patients who require dental extractions may have many questions for their dental provider about the types of extractions and which ones are most appropriate for their unique needs.

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