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Children’s dentistry: making your child’s first dental visit a happy one!

Drs. Jennifer Wahlen and John Torghele of Wahlen Dentistry encourage parents to be proactive in preparing their children for their first pediatric dental appointment at our office. We help children in and around the area of Perry, Utah, feel comfortable before, during, and after their visit to our office. We educate parents on ways to ease their children’s minds before they spend time in the dentist’s chair.

How do I prepare my child for their first appointment?

Below are a few recommendations for ensuring your child has a positive experience when they visit our office for oral health and wellness services:

  • Start talking about dental care early on. It’s never too early to start teaching your child the benefits of caring for their teeth. This can involve simple things like brushing and flossing together or reading books about oral hygiene
  • Avoid using negative language. When discussing a dental visit with your child, avoid using words like “pain” or “hurt.” Instead, use positive and reassuring words to help ease any fears or anxieties they may have
  • Schedule an upcoming meet and greet with the dentist. Many pediatric dentists offer a “meet and greet” appointment for young patients. This allows your child to become familiar with the dentist and the office before their first official appointment
  • Bring comforting items. If your child has a favorite blanket or toy, bring it to their appointment. Having something comforting and familiar can help ease any nervousness
  • Use positive reinforcement. Praise your child for being brave and cooperative during their visit. This will help build their confidence and make future appointments easier

Please remember that every child may respond differently to a dental visit. It is usual for some children to feel anxious or scared about visiting the dentist’s chair, but our team at Wahlen Dentistry is trained to work with children and teens specifically. We provide dental care for kids, infants, and teens, ensuring everyone at every age can get the dental care they need.

How do I schedule an appointment for my child?

If it is time for your child’s first dental visit, we welcome them to our pediatric dental facility. Call (435) 246-4602 to book an appointment at Wahlen Dentistry, conveniently located at 2480 South Highway 89 #A in Perry, UT.

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