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What causes a toothache, and how can I find relief?

A toothache, day or night, is a sign of a serious dental issue that requires additional care and attention from the team at Wahlen Dentistry in Perry, Utah. Our providers, Drs. Jennifer Wahlen and John Torghele work with patients to get them a proper diagnosis and discuss their needs to bring their smiles back to health. We can evaluate you and help to determine the cause of the toothache.

What causes a toothache?

There are several reasons why a sudden or gradual toothache may develop, including:

  • Tooth decay. Cavities and tooth decay are two of the main culprits for toothaches. When bacteria break down the outer layer of your teeth, it exposes the nerves and can cause sensitivity or sharp pain
  • Gum disease. Inflammation and infection in the gums can also lead to toothaches, especially if left untreated. Patients must maintain good oral hygiene to prevent gum disease
  • Tooth abscess. A tooth abscess is best described as a pocket of pus that forms caused by an infection in the root of a tooth. This can cause severe pain and might require immediate treatment from our dentists
  • Trauma or injury. If a tooth gets cracked, chipped, or knocked out, it can cause intense pain. In some cases, the root of the tooth may also get damaged, leading to a toothache
  • Impacted wisdom teeth. When your wisdom teeth cannot emerge properly, they can become impacted and cause pain and discomfort in the surrounding teeth
  • Teeth grinding. Grinding or clenching teeth can, over time, wear down the enamel and expose the nerves. This can result in a toothache or sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures

Why else might I have tooth discomfort?

Other factors contributing to a toothache include sinus infections, ear infections, and tension in the jaw muscles. You must consult a dental provider if you experience persistent tooth pain, as they can assist in determining the cause and provide appropriate treatment.

What can I do about severe tooth pain at night?

If you have a dental emergency or are experiencing a toothache that is causing severe tooth pain during the day and night, you may require assistance right away!

Call (435) 246-4602 to request a visit at our office in Perry, UT. We also serve patients from Brigham City, Willard, and Ogden.

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