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How tooth-colored fillings can restore areas of decay in an esthetic manner

At Wahlen Dentistry, we focus not only on oral health but the appearance of the smile as well. This is why many of our restorative procedures use materials that can repair the smile’s function and health while appearing as natural as possible for seamless integration.

If you have been diagnosed with an area of decay by our team in Perry, Utah, you may want to take time to learn about solutions such as our tooth-colored fillings used for cavities.

Why should I use composite fillings?

Cosmetic fillings fabricated from a composite resin are the best solution for restoring the smile. This is because the material is not only safe and effective in filling areas of decay, but it is also esthetic. Patients who need dental repairs will often want to avoid restorations that are noticeable, like dark silver amalgam fillings, which are known to cause mercury toxicity. At Wahlen Dentistry, we focus on ensuring patients have access to solutions for smiles that blend in beautifully and look as natural as possible.

Do I need composite dental fillings?

Composite restorations are often a solution for many of our patients and continue to be chosen by individuals who have areas of tooth decay or even other imperfections of the smile. During an initial consultation visit with our team at Wahlen Dentistry, our professionals will evaluate your smile to determine if cavities are present. Early intervention and treatment with fillings can keep the cavity from getting deeper, wider, and more damaging to the health of the smile. If areas of decay are not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner, they may eventually need extraction and replacement.

How do I learn more about composite restorations like tooth-colored fillings?

Perry, UT patients interested in learning more about composite restorations, such as tooth-colored fillings, are welcome to call our office at (435) 246-4602 to request an appointment.

Drs. Jennifer Wahlen, and John Torghele welcome new and returning patients of the Perry, Utah, community and beyond.

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